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Dr Lucia Mandengenda
Executive Director, Financial Sector, SMEs, Policy and Development Programmes
Dr Lucia Mandengenda holds a PhD, MBA and BSc Honours Degree. She has more than 25 years of banking, microfinance, SME development, agricultural value chains, women’s economic empowerment and technical advisory expertise and experience at strategic, institutional and stakeholder levels throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin American countries. She possesses English and Shona language skills. Her experience spans private and public sectors, Multilaterals, UN agencies, Donor community and NGOs.

Dr Lucia Mandengenda, brings extensive strategic and technical experience in policy frameworks, programme design, evaluations, due diligence, risk assessment, portfolio management, training, materials development and capacity building related to financial institutions, MSME, agricultural value chains and public sector projects. She has served as a taskforce member for microfinance policy and SME policy development and brings experience facilitating public private dialogue and working with high level government structures and projects regulatory authorities. Dr Lucia Mandengenda has developed entrepreneurship curricular, written training materials for the SME sector for Southern and Eastern Arica. She is an ILO trainer of Master Trainers and Trainers and developed content across the ILO range of Start Your Business, Improve Your Business, Generate Your Business and led the development of the ILO Expand Your Business in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has also mobilized and managed a diverse array of donor funded projects namely DFID, SIDA, USAID, DANIDA, FORD Foundation, GIZ, EU, Netherlands and designed and managed a holistic integrated programme for an International NGO International Youth Foundation as Country Director on entrepreneurship, financial inclusion and private sector development. She is a founder trustee of the Zimbabwe Microfinance Wholesale Facility/Fund and a trustee for New Faces New Voices Zimbabwe Chapter a Pan African organisation for women’s leadership in the financial sector, skills and access to finance and served as Vice Chairperson of the board in the establishment and launching of the Zimbabwe Women’s’ Microfinance Bank.

Dr Lucia Mandengenda is a lead consultant/technical advisor for assignments with African Development Bank, IMC Worldwide, Adam Smith, CIPE, ILO, UN Women, FAO AYANI, Care International. She provides thought leadership to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for the financial inclusion strategy and thematic working groups. She has conducted an impact assessment of women and food cycle technologies for ENDA Zimbabwe, facilitation of gender mainstreaming workshops for the ILO and Hivos Foundation for MFIs in southern and eastern Africa and trade unions. She has conducted and managed evaluations and researches with Hivos for NGOs funded in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana, ILO SIYB project evaluations for 16 countries. She has managed DFID annual, mid-term and terminal evaluations, SNV Danida funded project evaluation; designed, implemented and evaluated SIDA, DFID, USAID funded project with experimental, control group design. Dr Lucia Mandengenda has led M&E teams and researchers for baseline and end line researches. She has managed the country portfolio African Development Bank in Zambia and Zimbabwe, built capacity of government executing agencies, put in turnaround measures and pipeline development for the private sector window and dialogue with both public and private castor.


Anna Mupawaenda
Gender, Training, Research
Anna Mupawaenda has more than 30 years consulting experience in the sectors of social science, education and training development at technical advisory, planning, implementation, institutional and stakeholder levels in Zimbabwe, Eastern, Western and Southern African regions. She holds Masters in Adult Education and BSc Honours degree and is fluent in Ndebele, Shona and English languages. In addition, she holds certificates/ diplomas in Training of Trainers; Gender Planning, Analysis and Mainstreaming; HIV/AIDs Consulting; Community Development; Project Management; Competence Based Training and Early Childhood Education. Her experience covers institutional administration, with the research Institute of Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. Anna Mupawaenda has conducted social research in projects on livestock, education, agriculture, health, environmental impact assessments, microfinance, MSME, women empowerment, financial inclusion and agricultural value chains for rural, peri-urban and urban communities including stakeholders from Government Ministries, NGOs, Donors and the Private Sector. She has technical experience in project design; strategic planning; monitoring and evaluation; capacity building related to HIV/AIDs; gender auditing, planning, analysis and mainstreaming; research methodology design, data collection and fieldwork supervision. She has developed gender curricula, written modules and trained microfinance institutions like the Zimbabwe Microfinance Wholesale Facility/ Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund. She has also written and delivered gender courses for the community of Magunje Development Authority and the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. Anna Mupawaenda has been Care International Team Leader for Village Savings and Loans Rapid Assessment Study; Technical advisor for a 3year ZMF/Hivos HIV and Gender mainstreaming microfinance project; Team Leader for an NPA evaluation on Child Supplementary Feeding Programme Performance and Sustainability Study; the Institutional Evaluation of the Foundation for Community Support Services in Malawi amongst others.


Godwin Phiri
Advocacy, Youth Development, Research
Godwin Phiri has more than 16 years of managerial and leadership experience in Civil Society and the Private Sector. He holds a BA Degree. He has worked for Bulawayo Dialogue as a Programmes Officer and Programmes Manager and as a Director of Intscha.com a youth-oriented leadership development organisation. During his time in Civil Society he was elected into the Policy Advisory Board of the Danish Association for International Cooperation (MS Zimbabwe), serve as Regional Chairperson for the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO Western Region) and National Board Secretary for the same organisation. Godwin Phiri has conducted consultancy both for non -profit and profit organisations and has worked with over 15 organisations through various processes including Strategy Development, Evaluations, Advocacy, Leadership and Conflict Management training and the development of Manuals. He has done consultancy on assignments for ILO, SNV, Zimbisa.


David Mandengenda
Human Resources Director
David Mandengenda, Human Resources Director has extensive experience in organisational management, systems management and administration. He is responsible for human resources management, coordination of client assignments, contracts and relationship management. He has experience in proposal development and research work planning, quality assurance and issuance of contracts. He is responsible for the overall business administration for Business In The Box.


Business In The Box works with a national, continental and global team of experts in the following areas: banking, microfinance, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, SMEs, agriculture, value chains, economics, governance, financial management, policy, regulations, gender, youth, monitoring and evaluation.