Ballistic Test Standard

We are most certainly able to bolster and reinforce a bullet resistant (BRG) product by adding additional PVB to the glass and or composite materials. CityBullet (BRG) draws heavily on the latest advancements in polycarbonates, TPU, glass and advanced polymers to deliver lightweight products that boast up to 250 times the impact strength of glass of identical thickness. Combining glass and polycarbonates ensures superior ballistic, anti fragmentation and superior performance against a sophisticated attack. This sophisticated transparent armour is constantly being refined, developed and reinvented to produce a lightweight, thin and effective BRG product that offers a dedicated and superior protection.



CityBullet (BRG) in conjunction with Renegade Frag Stop is the latest innovative product introduced to the BRG stable, and features between all glass and composite BRG. This BRG product offers a far superior performance when compared with an all glass BRG. It is manufactured using a composite of a clear PVB Interlayer and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) with an additional anti scratch coating on the PET, (a three layer composite structure) and is produced using an autoclave lamination process. It provides a superior weathering, scratch and chemical resistance, and is up to eight times stronger. The PET film serves as a fragmentation protection layer and keeps dangerous glass shards intact. Standard all glass BRG which has an unshielded layer of glass facing toward the interior of the building or armoured vehicle cannot offer this same protection, when subjected to a dedicated attack. The composition of glass (and the polycarbonate) provides the rigidity and mechanical strength, while Frag Stop increases impact performance both outwards and inwards. Spalling of glass can severely lacerate, however, using Frag Stop in bullet resistant glazing prevents this dangerous spalling.

• 99% UV Resistant
• Weighs significantly less than all glass constructions
• Substantially thinner and stronger.
• Noise reduction
• Advanced ability to “capture” incoming projectile
• Offers superior protection against physical attack
• Spallshield contain a proprietary hard coat which has excellent weathering ability.
• Highly scratch resistant, chemically resistant and durable
• Superior optical quality, indistinguishable from glass.