City Mirror

Thickness - mmDescriptionStock Sheetsm2Weight - kgsEx-StockCity ToughCut to Size
3CityMirror - Silver1830 X 12202.2316.95YESNOYES
3CityMirror - Silver2440 X 18304.4733.58YESNOYES
3CityMirror - Silver2440 X 21345.2139.08YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver2440 X 18304.4744.70YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver2240 X 21345.2152.10YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver3210 X 22507.2272.20YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver2240 X 18304.4744.72YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver3210 X 22507.2272.20YESNOYES
4CityMirror - Silver3210 X 22507.2272.20YESNOYES

Mirrors supplied by CityMirrors have undergone stringent quality control measures and quality assurance programmes and are incorporated to meet local and international standards. The quality aspect is inherent in the CityMirror and ensures that the individual layers conform to the correct standards of thickness, hardness and scratch resistance of every mirror.

This dynamic quality control is supported by ISO9001
Quality Management System as well as the ISO14000 Environmental Management System.

CityMirror manufactures an extensive range of products in a variety sizes and thicknesses. Mirrors are manufactured with Palladium, which are free from copper and lead and will not tarnish. Priced at the same level as ordinary mirror, this unique, patented and internationally acclaimed mirror offers the following benefts:
• Lasts Longer
• Quicker to fit
• Environmentally friendly

Mirrors from CityMirror can be enhanced by Bevelling and polishing thereby alleviating sharp corners and edges and improves the aesthetic value of the product.

Useful guidelines and tips for the installation of CityMirror:

• Ventilate the room prior to and during installation.
• Fit CityMirror above the work surface around the baths and/or hand basins, not