City Putty

Easiglaze window putty is a superior glazing putty manufactured by GSA (South Africa) under strict quality measures as set out by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) 680.
• Maximum shelf life of one year when stored in an enclosed warehouse.
• Maximum glazed life of 10 years when installed and maintained correctly.

City Glass Putty - EasiglazePack SizeWeight
20kg - Bag1 X 20kg20kg
10kg - Bag1 x 10kg10kg
5kg - Bag4 x 5kg20kg
1kg - Bag20 x 1kg20kg


  • If the putty feels too stiff mostly in winter months, remove the putty from the poly-prop bag and leave the putty in the black line in the sun to soften.
  • The suggested rate of usage of putty is 1.8kgs per m².
  • To ensure consistent guaranteed performance, it is imperative that no additional chemicals are to be used and added to the putty. This will serve to break down the molecular structure of the putty, adversely affecting the adhesion, bonding and long life performance of Easiglaze.
  • Ensure that the frames, whether new or existing, are free from old putty, dust, rust, oil and dirt. Metal frames should be thoroughly cleaned and painted with a metal primer and allowed to completely dry before application.
  • Allow 3-4mm of backing putty is applied to the frame behind the glass.
  • The putty should be applied by hand, using the thumb to ensure sufficient adhesion to the frame.
  • When placing the glass into the aperture ensure that it is pressed at the edges of the glass and not in the centre of the pane, to avoid breakage.
  • Once the putty is applied around the outer pane, the putty must be finished off using a putty knife, held at a 60 degree angle for optimum results.
  • Run a “dry” paint brush over the newly finished putty to ensure a smooth finish.

Post procedures with Easiglaze

  • Allow at least 7 days for the putty to dry before painting.
  • Do not leave the putty unpainted for longer than 25 days.

For Steel window frames

  • Apply a universal undercoat to the frame and finished putty.
  • Apply the final layers of the required and specified paint.

For Wooden window frames

  • Apply 2-3 coats of the varnish to the frame and finished putty.
  • Allow the varnish to dry between each coat.

This process should be carried out after 3 months and a maintenance coat applied every 12 months to ensure long life performance of Easiglaze putt

C1H - 1.5kgC2H - 2.5kgC4H - 4.0kgC7H - 2.5kg
NC2 - 4.5kgNC2F - 5.0kgNC4 - 3.0kgNC4F - 4.0kg
ND2 - 3.0kgND2F -3.5kgND4 - 3.0kgND4F - 4.5kg
ND11 - 5.5kgND11F - 6.5kgN12 - 7.5kgND12F - 8.0kg
ND52 - 4.0kgND52F - 4.0kgND54 - 5.0kgND54F - 6.0kg
ND511 - 7.0kgND511F - 7.0kgNE1 - 1.0kgNE2 - 2.0kg
NE4 - 2.5kgNE11 - 3.5kgTD7 - 3.0kgTD57S - 4.0kg
TD67 - 5.0kgTD75 - 5.0kgTD78 - 6.5kg