CityFloat Glass – Clear

World class quality Float Glass is produced when molten glass is poured over a bed of molten tin and allowed to cool in the process. This will give two opposite at surfaces which are parallel allowing for distortion free vision. It is the basic

glass with which most buildings and homes are glazed. The exceptional qualities which are inherent in the float glass manufacture justifies its use as an essential element necessary for further processing of value-added products such as
mirrors, laminated, multi-laminated and toughened safety glass.
All float glass obtained by CITY GLASS complies with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

CityFloat - Clear - Size & Weight

Thickness - mmDescriptionStock Sheetsm2Weight - kgsEx-StockCity ToughCut to Size
City Float - Clear1830 X 15502.4814.20YESNOYES
3City Float - Clear1830 X 15502.2314.20YESNOYES
3City Float - Clear1830 X 12204.4716.73YESYESYES
4City Float - Clear2440 X 18302.2333.53YESYESYES
4City Float - Clear2240 X 18304.4744.70YESYESYES
4City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.2272.20YESYESYES
5City Float - Clear2240 X 18304.4755.80YESYESYES
5City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.2290.25YESYESYES
6City Float - Clear2440 X 18304.4767.05YESYESYES
6City Float - Clear2440 X 20004.8873.20YESYESYES
6City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.22108.30YESYESYES
8City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.22144.40YESYESYES
10City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.22180.50YESYESYES
12City Float - Clear3210 X 22507.22216.60YESYESYES

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