CityFloat Glass – TINTED

Tinted Float Glass has had a colour incorporated into the glass itself. The Float Glass process is followed in exactly the same way as the clear and has the same properties and qualities governed by the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

CityFloat - TINTED

Thickness - mmDescriptionStock Sheetsm2Weight - kgsEx-StockCity ToughCut to Size
4City Float - Br/Gr2140 X 16503.5335.30YESYESYES
4City Float - Bronze2140 X 16503.5335.30YESYESYES
5City Float - Br/Gr2140 X 16503.5344.13YESYESYES
6City Float - Br/Gr2140 X 16503.5352.95YESYESYES
10City Float - Br/Gr2140 X 16503.5388.25YESYESYES

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