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The modern architect and designer have many facets of security to keep in mind in the early stages of their drawings, without the use of unsightly burglar bars. Furthermore the design professional needs to ensure that the occupants of the building have a necessary escape route in the event of a fire.
So therefore, added to this dimension the amount of natural light needs to be taken into consideration. The answer lies with CityLam and the use of a clear or tinted laminated safety glass


Thickness - mmDescriptionStock Sheetsm2Weight - kgsEx-StockCity ToughCut to Size
6.38CityLam - Normal Strength2440 X 18304.4769.29YESNOYES
6.38CityLam - Normal Strength2440 X 20004.8875.64YESNOYES
6.38CityLam - Normal Strength3210 X 22507.22111.91YESNOYES
8.38CityLam - Normal Strength3210 X 22507.22148.02YESNOYES
10.38CityLam - Normal Strength3210 X 22507.22184.11YESNOYES
12.38CityLam - Normal Strength3210 X 22507.22220.21NONOYES

CityLam Clear Laminated safety glass is a safety glass produced when one or more Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers are permanently bonded together between two layers of clear


Performance Data

Laminate StrengthN.SH.P.RH.I
No. of Blows3824

N.B. The size of the hole at penetration point is approximately 50mm in diameter. Many more blows are required to gain access.

Whilst glass offers a wonderful aesthetic appeal, architects and professional designers need to be aware of a number of safety features and factors not only in the office environment but also in the home. If the Laminated glass is broken, the glass will adhere to the PVB interlayer and should generally stay in the frame to give added safety rather than falling free and causing potential injury with flying glass shards.

By increasing the PVB interlayer the safety risk rating is achieved in the following detail:

Safety Risk Rating

PVB ThicknessPVB Thickness (mm)Risk
0.38mmNormal Strength - Low Risk1
0.76mmNormal Strength - Low Risk2
1.52mmHigh Impact Strength - High Risk3

Performance Data - CityLam Clear

ThicknessDescriptionLight TransmissionReflectionUV EliminationSafety RatingSecurity
6.38mmNormal Strength908>95%11
8.38mmNormal Strength878>95%11
10.38mmNormal Strength868>95%11
12.38mmNormal Strength858>95%11

Product Range

Thickness (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Standard Sizes (mm)2440 x 1830
2440 x 2000
3210 x 2250
3210 x 22503210 x 22503210 x 2250


  1. Maximum standard sizes are not glazing sizes as these are dependent on wind and other design loads matching specific applications.
  2. Additional standard stock sizes are available on request. It is imperative that CityGlass be consulted regarding the lead times for supply of product.

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