CityLam – CoolVue Laminated Safety Glass

Important features of CityLam CoolVue Laminated Glass

  • Unlike other solar control glass products CityLam CoolVue Laminated Glass offers medium solar control whilst maintaining a very high light transmission with low reflection.
  • CityLam CoolVue Laminated Glass can transmit more than 70% of visible light while blocking out over 50% of solar heat.
  • The performance of CoolVue will offer solar control without compromising light transmission and low reflection.

CityLam – CoolVue Laminated Safety Glass – Performance Data – based on 6.76mm (H.P.R.) thick laminated glass

Suggested Applications

  • Solar Energy Control
  • External Solar screen
  • Retail display and view windows
  • Industrial and roofing glazing
  • Two way visibility
  • Curtain Walls
  • UV Elimination

It is extremely important to note that the edges of all CityLam Low E Glass must be polished to negate and reduce the possibility of
thermal stress and fracture. The edges must be free of vented damage.

  • These edges are produced by the straight line polishing machine operating at CITY GLASS.

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