CityLam – Low E Glass

Important features of CityLam Low E Glasses

• Unlike other solar control glass products CityLam Low E Laminated Glass is a collection of monolithic glass designed to increase the insulation value of the glass in a window.
• CityLam Low E Laminated Glass will reduce heating costs in winter and air-conditioning costs in summer.
• The high performance Low E transparent coating will keep the heat in during winter and the heat out during summer.
• Less heat is lost from the interior of the building during winter months and less heat is transmitted during the summer months.
• Up to 80% of daylight is transmitted and 50% of solar heat is eliminated.
• The performance of the CityLam Low E Laminated Glass minimises the effects of fading furniture, carpets and curtains by the reduction of the harmful Ultra Violet radiation.

It is extremely important to note that the edges of all CityLam Low E Glass must be polished to negate and reduce the possibility of thermal stress and fracture. The edges must be free of vented damage.
• These edges are produced by the straight line polishing machine operating at CITY GLASS.

CityLam – Low E Glass – Performance Data – based on 6.38mm (N.S.) thick CityLam Laminated Glass

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