CityLam – Translucent Laminates

The below Translucent Laminates are available in the following colours: white, blue, grey, bronze, blue-green, and regal blue

CityLam – Translucent Laminates

Thickness - mmDescriptionStock Sheetsm2Weight - kgsEx-StockCity ToughCut to Size
6.38CityLam - Artic Snow N.S2440 X 20004.8875.64YESNOYES
6.38CityLam - Artic Snow N.S3210 X 22507.22111.91YESNOYES


Manufacture under First World Standards
CityLam Translucent Laminate is manufactured to the highest quality standards available.
The Translucent effect is produced by laminating two sheets of float glass with the
coloured Translucent Polyvinyl Butral Interlayer (PVB) bonded together under heat and autoclave pressure. This process ensures that the product is entirely protected.

Functionality and Properties
The Interlayer and bonding process used to make the CityLam Translucent
Laminate offers additional features that make it an amazing 21st Century

  • Not only will the CityLam Translucent Laminate stand up to attempted break ins, but also provide an extremely safe laminated product that will not splinter in the event of accidents or natural disasters.
  • The CityLam Translucent Laminate will also save on the costs of temperature control, reflect the sun’s heat and glare whilst allowing in the light.
  • The Translucent Laminate will offer a dampener on noise and will act as an effective barrier to ultra violet light responsible for damaging furniture, paintings, fabrics and a variety of equipment.
  • Due to the elasticity of the PVB Interlayer, sound resonance and sound coincidence are effectively dampened

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