CityTough – Balustrades

The freestanding Balustrade system has been specifically developed to provide an inexpensive method of utilising the ease of maintenance and aesthetic beauty of toughened glass.
By setting the bottom edge of the toughened glass into the floor the need for costly framing and fixing is thereby eliminated.
The final result is a continuous toughened all-glass Balustrade system of exceptional strength that is easy to specify and as equally easy to install for internal and external applications.


Installation Instructions

  • A pre-formed groove should be thoroughly cleaned and saturated with water for 24 hours prior to the application of grout.
  • Immediately prior to the laying of grout remove all surface water and any remaining debris from the pre-formed groove.
  • Prior to installation of steel sections in or on a concrete floor, all steel surfaces must be cleaned and primed and the channel or groove should be cleaned and free of any obstruction.
  • All positions of the joints between the glass and panels should be measured and marked prior to installation.
  • Neoprene setting blocks 20mm thick and 25mm wide and 100mm in length should be located in the channel or groove at 750mm centres.
  • These may be placed diagonally in the groove to ensure firm support for the glass panels.

Erection of Glass Panel

  • In their final positions, ensure that the glass panels are centred correctly in the groove or channel, vertically aligned and with vertical joints consistent between 3mm and 6mm.
  • Use the Neoprene spacer blocks to achieve the centering in the groove.
  • Use packing, if necessary, beneath the panels to achieve consistent vertical joints.
  • Use the Neoprene spacer blocks at the joints to avoid the glass-to-glass contact during installation.
  • Use temporary supports to hold the panels in position whilst the grout cures to achieve vertical alignment.
  • The nature of supports required would depend on site conditions and the discretion of the installer.
  • The supports must be secure enough to hold the panels in place for a minimum of 12hours after the pouring of the grout.

Suggested Method of Support

  • Insert loose timber wedges in to the groove on either side of the toughened glass panels.
  • Fix a straight timber batten along the top edge of the toughened glass panels to enure correct alignment.
  • Tap in the wedges until the toughened glass panel is firm.


Grout, Backfilling and Finishing

  • Mix the grout and pour the contents according to manufactures’ instructions. Remove the wooden support wedges carefully after the 12 hour curing period and backfill with freshly mixed grout.
  • Seal the grout surface with non-acetic silicone sealant.
  • Affix the handrail, if required, 48 hours after pouring, using silicone between the handrail and the toughened glass panel for permanent fixing.
  • Vertical joints may also be sealed with the silicone sealant if required.


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