CityTough – EdgeWork


  • Re-entrant corners of notches cannot be sharp and must have a radius of at least equal to the thickness of the glass but generally not less than 10mm
  • All other corners would be prepared as R1, R2 and R3 and the same minimum radius limitations would apply.
  • The dimension “y” should be 75mm or greater.
  • Special pay notches should have a minimum corner radius of 25mm including general tolerances.
  • Speech apertures may be circular, semi-circular or rectangular.


  • Generally tolerances vary according to requirements.
  • However, the following may serve as a guideline
  • Notch dimensional tolerances +1/-0mm
  • Position of notches relative to true position ± 1mm.


Arrissed edges
This is the simplest type of edge finish and consists of removing the sharp edges of an “as cut” glass

Standard Profile (Polished)
In this form the edge of the glass is machined to the shape shown. It is applied to glass thicknesses up to and including 6mm

Flatground (Polished)
A machine edge of platform as shown, which can either have a ground finish or a bright polished finish.

CityTough are able to supply a toughened fire resistant Pyrolitic coated glass. Only certain types of glazed installations are able to satisfy specified fire-resistant ratings. It is important to consider the possibility of interactions between adjacent materials both in the glazing system and between it and the surround.


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